June 2020

Catalyst for Change | Successful healthcare leaders require a new set of skills to succeed in a new era.

Navigating the journey |Ed Hardin helps guide students and young professionals through their potential careers

No Time to Delay – Editor’s Note | In a spring press briefing for local and national media, Warner Thomas, president and CEO of Ochsner Health echoed a concern that many hospital and health system leaders no doubt shared.

What Happens Next | One expert discusses how we arrived at the crises that surfaced amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and what the road ahead may look like.

Infectious disease expert |Infection preventionists are “essential” to the COVID-19 response

Under duress | How to make decisions in a crisis

Contracting News & Notes

Into the Line of Fire | There are heroes among us as we face this global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

Pandemic sourcing checklist

Publisher’s Letter | Three Themes

Reflection and Renewal | Understanding what we have been going through, how we will get through it, and what steps we need to take to prepare for the next crisis.

Pulling Together | How Encompass Group stepped up to fill a need during the COVID-19 crisis

Specialty pharmaceuticals for non-acute – building a better model | McKesson Medical-Surgical-Specialty pharmaceuticals are expensive, require special handling and are growing in usage

Olympus’ ENDOCUFF VISION technology proves its worth | Purchasing departments said “prove it.” With our Endocuff-assisted colonoscopy device, we took the challenge and we are glad we did.