Keeping Healthcare Facilities Infection Free

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic from medical caregivers has been heroic, said Caitlin Stowe, clinical affairs research manager at PDI Healthcare. “It’s highlighted the everyday work that nurses and physicians do. Everybody in the hospital plays a key role in the prevention of infections, and I think it just goes to show that healthcare workers are the heroes right now. We have to keep our caregivers as safe and healthy as possible so they can be on the front lines saving as many lives as possible.” Share Moving Media, publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting and Repertoire Magazine, asked Stowe for insights into how best to keep healthcare workers safe amid the risks associated with the coronavirus. In this e-book, Stowe highlights the infection-prevention products that will be key to healthcare facilities’ efforts, as well as short-term challenges providers will need to navigate, and the long-term planning that will be needed to maintain an adequate supply.


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