Maximizing value in a complex purchasing environment

November 29, 2023- The talk of 2023 has been all about improving the bottom line in healthcare. Survey results published by AHRMM earlier this year, showed that 78% of supply chain respondents were seeking cost efficiency above all other priorities.

The pressure to examine dollars spent has procurement leaders reconsidering purchasing decisions that were once easily rubber stamped. In the past, a status quo of “auto-renewing” existing arrangements may have felt sufficient. If surgical teams appeared satisfied with what they were using, and the investment was unquestioned previously, then it could be deemed “safe.”

But in today’s world, the increased level of fiduciary responsibility has procurement leaders reevaluating…

With this reconsideration has come an increase in capital trials, and they are bringing substantial value with them. Procurement leaders are also being more meticulous in their consideration process, digging deep into lifetime costs versus a comparison at face value. What they’re discovering is far more impactful than many would have initially imagined.

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