Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare enter strategic collaboration to advance innovation in medical imaging and theranostics

September 14, 2023- Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare have announced a strategic healthcare collaboration for research and product development programs aimed to transform the experience of patients and clinicians in the practice of radiology and the delivery of novel therapies.

The Strategic Collaboration for Innovation in Medical Imaging and Theranostics comprises Mayo Clinic and GE HealthCare scientists, technology developers, clinicians and other healthcare providers. The collaboration seeks to better equip clinicians with technology to precisely diagnose and treat medical conditions and personalize the patient experience at each step of their care journey through the clinical translation of novel technologies and approaches to medical imaging and theranostics.

The multi-focal collaboration brings together clinical research, product development, application of new clinical uses and techniques, and increased access for patients. It features close alignment between research teams and the medical departments that depend on radiological data, spanning multiple radiological disciplines, cardiology, oncology, radiation oncology, vascular, neurology, nuclear medicine and urology. Collaboration activities and research will take place at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minnesota.

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