Mayo Clinic, nference expand relationship to increase access to data-derived insights 

September 23, 2022 – Mayo Clinic is expanding its strategic 12-year relationship with nference, a health technology company driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This relationship provides nference partners and customers with access to Mayo Clinic Platform’s extensive de-identified electronic health data across a range of disease and therapeutic areas. 

nference has launched its AI-driven nSights platform, which will allow biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as diagnostic firms, to access and work with curated, de-identified health care data to advance research and discovery. 

The expanded collaboration will increase access to data-derived insights and knowledge by establishing a Mayo-branded version of nSights, called Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover. It will be built and supported by nference to help health care innovators solve some of the most complex clinical challenges. 

To unlock actionable information, the data sets are: 

  • Deep – Data can be analyzed accurately for reliable information that is relevant and actionable. 
  • Curated – Data are from diverse sources and can be integrated in repositories and authenticated and archived. 
  • Patient level – Data are anonymous and collected in real time, aiming to eliminate interviewer bias or recall errors. 
  • Across therapeutic areas – Data range from cardiology to oncology, and immunology to infectious diseases 
  • Structured and unstructured – Data are from multiple sources, including clinical notes and lab test results. 

Mayo Clinic Platform is a strategic initiative to improve health care through insights and knowledge derived from de-identified electronic health data. That de-identified data is in a secure environment that allows companies to develop algorithm models used for innovation, but these data never leave the Mayo Clinic environment. 

“Over the past year, our collaboration with nference, leveraging nSights, has accelerated clinical decision support and care in significant ways,” says Maneesh Goyal, chief operating officer of Mayo Clinic Platform. “Data-derived insights and knowledge help us accelerate and enhance innovation and meet the unmet needs of patients everywhere.” 

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