MTI introduces new fully powered, programmable exam chairs 

March 17, 2023 – MTI recently introduced two new programmable exam chairs designed to deliver quality and comfort to patients and caregivers at an economical price. 

The 461 and 403 exam chairs are safe and sturdy with excellent patient access for caregivers. Each of these chairs have been engineered with powered lift and back functions, featuring Soft Start/Stop motion control, for a smoother patient experience and decreased caregiver strain. Designed with specialists’ needs in mind, the 461 and 403 are the answer to caregivers looking for a quality, comfortable, fully powered chair to improve patient outcomes. 

MTI President, Brad Baker stated, “MTI set out to develop new examination chairs which are more economically priced and safer, while providing the latest innovation and technology with the high quality that healthcare providers have come to expect from MTI. Our team members at MTI are excited to help to transform healthcare settings to a safer setup for both the patient and caregiver. These fully powered, sturdy new chairs also replace manually operated examination chairs which are strenuous for the caregiver to operate, and are lightweight, creating safety concerns.” 

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