Optimal, WellVia: Telemedicine partners

Two years ago, Optimal – the Stafford, Texas-based provider of master distribution, government contract/sales services and overstock solutions – began exploring telemedicine as a benefit for its employees. “After vetting several companies in the space, it became obvious that WellVia was the right choice for us,” says Parker Bigley, executive vice president, Optimal.

“Optimal has been in the healthcare space for the past 25 years, we saw an opportunity to bring another low-cost healthcare solution for our customers, which is why we partnered [in early 2016] with WellVia,” says Bigley. Optimal in combination with the MedPro sales team has an exclusive agreement to represent WellVia telemedicine services to its manufacturers, distributors and their end user customers.

“We believe there are significant benefits to employers and employees who drive telemedicine utilization,” says Bigley. “This form of care reduces the number of unnecessary visits to the physician office, ER and urgent care facilities. What makes WellVia different is their coordinated marketing programs with their customers to drive utilization; as a result, they have a proven ROI for businesses large and small.”

Making use of WellVia’s services himself “changed my perspective on how healthcare could be delivered,” he says. “I was at the office, not feeling well; I called WellVia, spoke with a physician within 10 minutes and was picking up my prescription within 30 minutes. Historically, this would have been a trip to urgent care or the doctor’s office, and four hours of lost productivity.

“We believe our customers could and should have access to a high quality healthcare solution that is convenient and cost effective.”

Formed in 2014, WellVia offers 24/7 access to board-certified physicians, with a national average response time of 10 minutes. Additionally, they have an integrated EAP [Employee Assistance Program] and wellness programs. WellVia provides services for consumers, companies and their employees.

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