Oracle acquires Cerner, plans to offer solutions for ‘broken healthcare system’ 

June 9, 2022 – Oracle recently acquired Cerner and is looking to combine its enterprise platform, analytics and automation with Cerner’s clinical capabilities to make healthcare delivery more efficient. After the acquisition, Oracle released blog post outlining its plans for the healthcare industry.  

Here are the key takeaways 

  • Oracle plans to develop new cloud-enabled capabilities that will allow providers to access information on an interface that is easy to use. 
  • Oracle aims to reduce the time and effort required to find a patient’s information and to give people access to their own health information. 
  • Oracle wants to open application programming insights to give authorized users access to health data and insights.  
  • Oracle will create an ecosystem where people, patients, providers and payers will be able to access clinical, operational, and financial data on the cloud. 

“Combining our existing healthcare industry solutions — from clinical trials to health insurance payor solutions to public health analysis systems — with our acquisition of Cerner, we believe Oracle has a uniquely positioned opportunity to offer new solutions to a broken healthcare system,” wrote Mike Sicilia, executive vice president of Oracle’s business unit. 

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