Pandion Optimization Alliance acquires New Source GPO

July 6, 2021  –  Pandion Optimization Alliance, a rapidly growing player in the group purchasing organization (GPO) space, announced it will acquire New Source GPO (Atlanta, GA).

New Source GPO, founded in 2003, has 12,000+ membership base in the Southeast as well as around the country.

New Source Founder and CEO, Jacqueline Byrum, saw an opportunity to build a niche service for a vastly underserved healthcare market, small surgery centers and clinics. Specializing in a market overlooked by larger competitors set the stage for both profitability and growth.

Jacqueline Byrum, New Source GPO founder, is now Vice President of Pandion Optimization Alliance and President of the New Source Division.

The addition of New Source adds sales volume and allows Pandion to bolster specific classes of trade where it is seeking robust traction.

“New Source has done a wonderful job in targeting specific markets such as Physicians’ Offices and Surgical Centers, which are key classes of trade for our strategic plans at present and in the future,” said Dorothy Smith, Vice President of Corporate Development. “Growing these areas of our membership, along with key digital health partnerships, a recent seed round investment into the digital health marketplace Marché Health, and our business-to-consumer platform in the e-commerce space made this strategic investment into New Source very attractive.”

Pandion is a certified sponsor of Premier, Inc. (Charlotte, NC).

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