Premier Inc: “Five Reasons Health Systems are Prioritizing Integration with Specialists”

August 03, 2020 – “Specialists and health systems have played a symbiotic role in the U.S. healthcare system for years, but in the months leading up to the onset of COVID-19, that symbiosis was starting to fracture due to shifting market dynamics, greater payer focus on non-hospital based care and disruptors.

“Specialists have long depended on health systems for patient referrals and for the physical space to perform surgeries and procedures. And, health systems have relied on specialists for high-margin services in a world in which revenue has traditionally been driven by volume.

“COVID-19 highlighted these fracturing dynamics and accelerated them, leaving specialists and hospitals to individually navigate dramatically reduced revenue and the rapid shift toward virtual and outpatient care delivery. However, with a strong partnership in place, health systems and specialists can…”

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