Premier urges action during lame duck to bolster providers’ pandemic response

November 30, 2020  –  Premier called on Congress to provide additional federal support and enact policies during the lame duck session of Congress that will advance hospitals’ and other providers’ critical work to protect the public’s health.

“The ability of health systems and other providers to continue to care for those COVID-19 patients, protect against the spread of the virus and safely manage routine care hinges on continued federal action, now more than ever,” Premier says.

In a letter to House and Senate leaders, Premier implored Congress to pass legislation to:

  • Ensure the financial viability of front-line healthcare providers;
  • Ensure continued movement to value-based care;
  • Modernize our public health data infrastructure;
  • Build a more transparent and resilient supply chain for medical products and PPE to reduce overseas reliance on critical goods;
  • Avoid a surprise medical billing solution that mandates use of a calculated percentage of an in-network, fee-for-service rate, undermining the movement to value; and
  • Expand access to home infusion services.

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