Premier, Somerset Pharma partner to stabilize pricing, enhance competition for antibiotic used to treat respiratory infections

August 04, 2020 – Premier Inc. (Charlotte, NC), through its ProvideGx program, has partnered with Somerset Pharma, LLC., to supply sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim, an antibiotic combination used to treat respiratory infections, a common complication associated with COVID-19.

Somerset is a new market entrant for this drug, working to creating a viable, competitive alternative and second source of supply. Somerset Pharma and Somerset Therapeutics develop, manufacture, and market generic injectable and ophthalmic drugs. The company markets 22 products today, with 25 more awaiting approval.

Premier says that, although sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim is not currently in active shortage, it is a drug category that lacks competition, which makes it vulnerable to price increases and potential shortages.

“To help meet a potential future surge in demand, Somerset Pharma, LLC will continue to mitigate risk in all aspects of production, including supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other key manufacturing components to ensure availability of products to Premier members on an ongoing basis,” the GPO says.

The financial terms of Premier’s agreement with Somerset Pharma were not disclosed.

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