Publisher’s Letter – Four Ways IDNs are Avoiding Supply Disruptions

John Pritchard

John Pritchard

In the middle of July, we assembled a great panel of IDN Supply Chain Leaders moderated by industry expert Brent Petty and discussed how best-in-class IDNs are working to avoid supply disruptions. Just as the Covid Delta variant was inching up cases and hospitalizations, the concern for supply shortages was a worry for many hospitals and health systems across the nation.

The webinar panel included Lisa Risser SVP, Ancillary Operations, Scripps Health; Gary J. Fennessy, Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Executive, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare; and George S. Godfrey, Corporate VP, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Baptist Health. This panel certainly represented geographical diversity, and all are industry veterans from world class health systems.

Having covered how systems source product for over 20 years from a media perspective, supply interruptions have been far and few between. The IV shortage a few years ago and a few other narrow categories seemed to have shortages, but not for very long time periods. For the most part, worrying about widespread shortages was not a large part of most Supply Chain Leaders’ days.

That’s changed quite a bit. Now, worrying about supply chain shortages could quite possibly be at the top of most Supply Chain Leaders’ daily activities. In this discussion four main themes were discussed in detail.

1. Crisis Management (internal and external)

2. Resiliency Initiatives

3. Inventory (safety, sharing, rebalancing)

4. Vetting and finding new, alternative suppliers

Each of these topics were discussed in-depth and the conversation was fascinating how these IDNs dealt with the exact issue – sometimes similarly and sometimes uniquely. It was also interesting how a few themes permeated each topic such as transparency, communication, collaboration and trust. All tenants we knew were important have now become imperative to keep our nation’s healthcare supply chain running well.

You are welcome to listen to the webinar at

If you have a chance to listen, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading this issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

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