Sponsored: Encompass Group | Buy Scrubs. Give Scrubs.

When the team at Jockey International and the team at Encompass Group, LLC get together to brainstorm on what else they can do to help make a difference during the pandemic, you never know what is going to happen. “With Jockey being founded by a minister 144 years ago, Jockey is a third-generation family owned company. Jockey believes they have been blessed by this country and in her time of need, they will help return the blessing.” 1

Encompass’s mission statement is grounded in taking care of people. Encompass believes every patient, resident, caregiver and family member should feel Safe & Comfortable in today’s healthcare environment. Everything Encompass creates is rooted in that mission and they are proud to design, produce and deliver Jockey® Scrubs. Together, Jockey and Encompass have made great strides to deliver key supplies to those in need including donating 250,000 isolations gowns and 10,000 scrubs.

Knowing that there is still a huge need out there, Jockey and Encompass partnered again, this time focusing on rural hospitals. Rural hospitals dedicate themselves to ensuring their local communities have the high quality healthcare everyone deserves. Quite often, these communities are made up of underserved populations. “Rural Americans are older and sicker with higher percentages of the six leading chronic diseases, making them more vulnerable to COVID-19. At the same time, rural health care providers are struggling to keep their doors open. Nearly half of all rural hospitals operate at a financial loss, and the rural hospital closure crisis has created healthcare deserts throughout rural America. Rural hospitals and health care providers are on the frontlines keeping communities across the country safe. They are more important than ever.” 2

Given these facts from the National Rural Health Association, Jockey and Encompass decided to create a program to say thank you to those on the front lines at rural hospitals. It is their hope that the rural hospital community will find some comfort, some value and some reassurance that they are appreciated for all they do. For example, they partnered with Vizient, a healthcare performance improvement company that represents more than half of the acute care hospitals in the country, including many rural hospitals. More than 90 of Vizient’s member rural hospitals expressed interest in the program over a period of just three days. Additional Vizient hospitals have also requested the donated items, with many already receiving it. 

With great partners like Vizient, as well as others like Sonsiel, and e-Sagacity – the team was quickly able to identify rural hospitals in need. Rural hospitals make a difference for families, individuals, and communities and have cared for those who are fragile, ill and in need. 

Becky Ries from Valley County Health System in Nebraska said, “We would like to extend our thanks for the scrubs that are being shipped to our hospital. During these difficult times especially, generosity such as this helps to lift spirits and support our workers who are on the front lines helping to care for patients each and every day! Thank you for giving back in such a kind, thoughtful and generous way … we are beyond grateful!” 

Hospitals and employees like these inspire Jockey and Encompass Group in so many ways. By donating over 20,000 scrubs to rural hospitals across the United States, it is Jockey and Encompass’s small way of saying thank you. Thank you for the dedication during unprecedented times, thank you for the tireless energy, and most of all thank you for choosing to work in rural communities and caring for those who need it most.

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