Sponsored Encompass – Staff Over Stuff, Delivered

By Deanna Leonard

Supply Chain leaders have never played a more pivotal and meaningful role than they do today. Covid-19 put them at the forefront. Even if they were not the ones getting public applause, those who work in healthcare know what a difference was made by the supply chain leaders in their facilities. While the traditional healthcare supply chain model often failed, cracked and sometimes cratered during 2020, the supply chain leaders where the ones to step up ensure the ‘essential stuff’ was on the shelf and ready to use. They got creative – and quickly!

From offshore, to nearshore, to reshore – strategies changed and are continuing to change. In 2020 it was less about stepping back and looking at the supply chain strategy and more about immediate needs. And those immediate needs became the full focus of supply chain leaders around the world. As we enter Q2 of 2021, we are exhaling a bit, although just a little bit. Most supply chain leaders I have had the pleasure of speaking with are looking for continuity, consistency, reliability, and stability – and a most importantly, a back-up plan.  Some are finally able to come up for air – and focusing on how to figure out the right equation and balance of offshore, nearshore and reshore. Some have shared with me that key to this is the flexibility component and how quickly supply chains can flex up and flex down. Their goals to ensure facilities have the right amount of ‘stuff’ on the shelf so the facility runs safely, without having so much stuff, there is no place to store it. 

Running congruently to ensuring the right ‘stuff’ is in the right place – articles, podcasts, and interviews are shifting focus to the ‘staff.’ The healthcare staff, the front line workers are burning out, and have been pushed to the brink. A nurse hero I interviewed a few months ago told me one of the bigger challenges she was facing was “the random feeling of guilt – guilty for time spent at work when I’m not spending more time with my family, and guilty for time at home when I’m not spending time caring for my patients.  It’s an unending cycle.” Often she felt powerless, even though she knew that she and her team were providing the best possible care. The entire conversation got me thinking about how we need to look at putting healthcare ‘staff’ in first place. How do we help them and all they have endured during the last year?

For this year’s Nurses Week celebration (5/6-5/12/21), Encompass Group and Jockey are focused on providing comfort for those healthcare heroes who need it most! We are giving away Jockey Scrubs, Spa Gift Cards, and Head-to-Toe Comfort Baskets. It’s a small and humble gesture, but very needed – to say thank you and that we appreciate everything you have been through. From a supply chain perspective, we can help there too. As a nearshore provider of professional healthcare apparel with short lead times and ample inventory on great brands like Jockey Scrubs, let us help you make a difference for your staff.

As I stated last in last month’s article, it probably goes without saying, but all of those involved with ensuring our healthcare systems kept moving forward in 2020, and 2021, have earned our sincerest gratitude at Encompass Group. We would like to say thank you by sending you the most comfortable scrubs you’ll ever wear. You helped everyone stay safe and comfortable – now it’s our turn. We appreciate all you do and know what a difference you and your teams make. If you would like to try Jockey Scrubs, as seen in our ad, scan the QR code or visit our site.

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