Study finds patient blood management with Masimo SpHb increased transfusion appropriateness, decreased RBC units transfused per patient

November 17, 2020  –  Masimo announced today the findings of a study published in Blood Transfusion in which Dr. Lucia Merolle and colleagues at the Azienda USL-IRCCS of Reggio Emilia, Italy investigated the impact of applying a patient blood management program, including use of noninvasive and continuous hemoglobin monitoring, Masimo SpHb, to the care of postoperative cancer patients.

The study found that using SpHb as part of a patient blood management program increased how often postoperative blood transfusions were appropriate and decreased the total and mean number of blood units transfused per patient.

The researchers concluded, “Our PBM bundle positively impacted RBC transfusion appropriateness in post-surgical cancer patients, both in terms of quality and quantity. A structured PBM program specifically dedicated to surgical oncology should cover the entire perioperative period and might further improve transfusion appropriateness in these patients. The publication of guidelines on the management of anemia in surgical oncology should be a priority.”

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