Take Inventory of Your Leadership Style

By Dan Nielsen, dan@americashealthcareleaders.com

In my most recent book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower, I state that every one is a leader, because leadership is not limited by titles or hierarchy. A leader is someone who influences others, and we all have influence on someone – in fact, virtually every person has influence on many other people.

With this in mind, every one can benefit from becoming an inspirational leader. Often it’s not one big feature or obvious talent; leadership excellence is found down in the detail of personal character and everyday habits more than in any one trait or skill.

Why is inspirational leadership important? According to a study conducted by Zenger Folkman, the foremost authority in strengths-based leadership development, the leadership competency rated as the most important by managers, peers, and subordinates is “Inspires and Motivates Others.” At all organizational levels, this competency was consistently rated as the most important.

Inspirational leadership isn’t just a tagline; it is a proven leadership tactic. Inspirational leaders earn trust, respect, and loyalty, and inspire rather than just motivate.

Four questions to ask yourself

  1. Who is it you lead? – Since every one is a leader in some capacity, who is it that you lead? Do not make the mistake of undermining your influence.
  2. What do you hope to accomplish with your leadership? – Every leader has a different goal in mind. Have you identified yours, and are you actively working toward success in this area?
  3. How do you lead? – Do you focus on external motivations to get desired results, or do you lead from a shared desire that inspires others to follow? Bob Nelson states: “You get the best efforts from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.”
  4. When do you lead? – One of the keys to being an inspirational leader is consistency in leadership. Do your daily habits and routine demonstrate a desire to lead with consistency?

I encourage you to reflect on these questions and identify your current leadership style. Don’t write off inspirational leadership as a cheap catchphrase. Actively embrace it as a proven and effective leadership style no matter your career, organization, or industry!

For more information about my book and companion keynote presentation, please visit BeAnInspirationalLeader.com

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