The evolution of molecular diagnostics could help detect and deter the next pandemic

PCR testing hit the headlines when Covid swept across the world. It’s been the cornerstone of molecular testing for years, but it’s now known at a much higher level to the public than ever before.

In this podcast, Dave Persing, Cepheid’s Chief Medical Officer, discusses the evolution of molecular diagnostics with John Pritchard, Publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting. They look at the past, present and future of molecular testing and Cepheid’s role in it – from Anthrax in 2001 to H1N1 in 2009 and Ebola in 2014 to Covid in 2020. Today, Cepheid’s 4-plex plus test has the built-in capacity to test a wide range of influenza viruses, which could be used to detect the next pandemic.

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