Walmart plans to provide telehealth in 16 states

June 9, 2021  –  The medical group for Walmart’s health centers has filed paperwork to do business in 16 more states, according to Insider.

Walmart Health’s primary-care provider is called MC Medical LLC. The medical group was formed in Georgia in March 2019, six months before Walmart opened its first clinic in that state.

A Walmart spokesperson said the filings are not for physical Walmart Health clinics but are tied to providing telehealth through the company’s pending acquisition of virtual care provider MeMD, which Walmart announced in early May.

Walmart operates 20 one-stop-shop medical clinics in Arkansas, Georgia, and Illinois, and has announced plans to expand into Florida this year. The Walmart Health clinics, which offer an array of health services and transparent prices, are an attempt to compete with rivals like Amazon and CVS Health

In April, before Walmart publicly announced its deal with MeMD, MC Medical registered to operate in Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont, state filings show. In May, it filed paperwork to do business in Texas and Washington.

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