Addressing “A Wicked Problem”

In the newest issue of ACO Insights, Dr. Robert Nesse, Chief Executive Officer, Mayo Clinic Health System, shares his c”autious optimism, as we work to design and then implement the new system of health care in America.”


I believe that the healthcare industry is spending too much time trying to defend our past successes and preserving old systems. It is time to move on. We need to change. We need to understand the issues and accept the truth; discover and design our response; and move on.

And as we move on, we must address these three questions:

  • What can we do to solve the problems of health care in America?
  • What are fundamental attributes that medical groups must have to succeed in the future?
  • Why should we do it now?


I will address the first question in this column: What can we do to solve the problems of healthcare delivery in America?


The answer: We won’t solve the problem.

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