An Unwavering, Lifelong Commitment to Growth

We are in a series discussing the recently published book titled Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life. The book, authored by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller is available wherever best selling books are sold. The book is directly applicable to any person who desires to become a more effective healthcare leader. For your convenience, the previous four articles in this series can be found at:


In a very important conversation, Blake, the aspiring young leader, says to Debbie, his mentor, “So, what I hear you saying is that how well I lead will be determined by my decision to GROW or not.” Debbie responds,


“Absolutely. Will you be a leader who is always ready to face the next challenge, or will you be a leader that tries to apply yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems? The latter will ultimately fail. The decision to GROW makes the difference. And not a short-term decision, but a decision to GROW throughout your career and throughout your life. This single decision is a game changer for leaders.”


Debbie is saying that an unwavering, lifetime commitment to growth is crucial. Not just when it is convenient for me. Not just when I feel up to it. Not just when I am excited about a new opportunity. Not just before, during or after a promotion or assuming new responsibilities. Not just when the person to whom I report asks that I upgrade my knowledge or skills or learn something new. Not just when I feel threatened or feel I am falling behind.


And so it is with you!


Constant, consistent, unwavering, lifelong personal and professional growth is your primary and permanent job – for as long as you live. Personal and professional growth is not in addition to your job, or even just a part of your job. Personal and professional growth is your job!


Even “retirement” is a new and great opportunity to learn and grow. The happiest, and most fulfilled “retired people” are still intentionally and enthusiastically growing every day!


Personal growth is priceless. You are and will be truly rich if you live your life with An Unwavering, Life-long Commitment to Growth.


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