Listen, Learn, and Lead

Healthcare Leadership with Dan Nielsen   Listen, Learn, and Lead   In an interview I conducted with Tim Bugg, president & CEO of Capstone Health Alliance, Bugg offered the following … [Read more...]

Leadership: Take Care of Your Team

Healthcare Leadership with Dan Nielsen   It was my honor to conduct a face-to-face interview with Michael Dowling, president & CEO of Northwell Health (formerly North Shore-LIJ Health System), in … [Read more...]

Leadership: Focus on the Bigger Picture

My friend Mark Dixon, president & CEO of The Mark Dixon Group, LLC, recently shared with me an excellent leadership suggestion and perspective. Mark is a former hospital CEO and has led a very successful leadership career in hospital, health … [Read more...]

Hospital President Traci Bernard: “Recruit People Smarter Than You!”

with Dan Nielsen   In preparation for a video series featuring some of America’s most successful healthcare leaders, I recently conducted and filmed a one-hour live interview with Traci Bernard. Traci, who … [Read more...]

Joel Allison, CEO, Baylor Scott & White on Mentoring

As founder and CEO of America’s Healthcare Leaders I had the honor of conducting a wide-ranging interview with Joel Allison, CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health. The in-person one-hour interview was conducted in Allison’s office in Dallas, Texas. … [Read more...]

Leadership: The Benefits of Technology

In the past few weeks we have touched on a few of the negative aspects of technology. While technology has a few negative implications on our work-life balance, it also enables us to work more effectively and efficiently when utilized well. I rely on … [Read more...]

Exercise Your Mind

By Dan Nielsen   Exercise Your Mind   There is a reason reading continues to be a favorite pastime of most leaders. Whether reading for enjoyment or for informative purposes, reading stretches … [Read more...]

Positive Work-Life Balance

Over the years, technology has made workers more available than ever, thus making it increasingly difficult to establish a positive work-life balance. While this concept of work-life balance is often overlooked when first entering the workforce, many … [Read more...]

Healthcare Leadership: Align Your Career with Your Passion

In a recent interview featured on America’s Healthcare Leaders, Mike Williams offered some excellent advice for students pursuing their administrative residencies, as well as for individuals early in their careers.  He discussed what he considers to … [Read more...]

The Choice Between Comfort or Transformation

Change is inevitable. Every leader in the healthcare industry whom I have interviewed over the years has acknowledged this fact. In just a couple decades, we have witnessed an incredible change in technology, education, training, values, and the … [Read more...]