Leadership Gold: Others’ Success is Your Success

Recently, I once again found myself reading and learning from the incredible leadership and success of Ray Kroc. As you may know, Ray Kroc was the driving force behind the establishment of the McDonald's Corporation, and the huge, worldwide success … [Read more...]

2015 Distributor Insights

Join us in Atlanta, GA June 2-4, 2015 to hear about: ACOs IDNs taking on self-distribution How Primary Care distribution has changed during this era of reform Noble Leadership An update from Washington, including the effect of the King … [Read more...]

Leadership Four-Way Test

Most leaders have heard of Rotary International's four-way test. Many leaders have heard the four-way test repeated over and over as they nod their head in agreement and support. Unfortunately, many leaders do not model, respect, live, and lead in … [Read more...]

Protected: Spring 2015 Market Insights Presentations

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more...]

Leadership Lessons: It’s Never Too Late!

Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of a best-selling series of books that chronicled her pioneer childhood in the late 1800s, proved that it is never too late to accomplish great things and to become a highly successful, influential … [Read more...]

Leadership Lesson: You Own The Outcome!

I am currently reading what I consider to be an excellent book. It is titled Is This Seat Taken? It's Never Too Late To Find The Right Seat by Kristin S. Kaufman. The book was written for people who find themselves in circumstances not planned, not … [Read more...]

A Big “Why” Leads to an Easy “How”

I was recently reminded of one of the most powerful leadership principles ever encountered: “If you have a big enough why, the how becomes easy.”    Most leaders, organizations, and people focus on the “how.” Take a look at the titles and … [Read more...]

Leaders: Discussion Points For More Effective Teamwork Throughout Your Organization

Jon Gordon recently published a listing of actionable, high-impact thoughts regarding teamwork. The article is titled, “11 Thoughts About Teamwork,” and was published in Jon Gordon's Weekly Newsletter.   As you know, leadership is not a … [Read more...]

Leaders: Be A Part of the Solution

By Dan Nielsen   I recently had the opportunity to conduct an in-depth interview with Dave Edwards, Vice President of Supplier Relations/Business Development at Premier, Inc. Dave is not only a thoughtful and articulate leader, he is … [Read more...]

Presidential Leadership Lessons: Be Determined

By Dan Nielsen dan@dannielsen.com   Throughout his life, President Herbert Hoover demonstrated profound determination and perseverance. Born into poverty and orphaned as a young boy, Hoover was determined to create a better life. In his … [Read more...]