Evaluating Technology: Ten Questions

Evidence-based medicine might be the gold standard when it comes to introducing new technologies to your IDN. But what can be done when evidence about a new technology is limited? Lansdale, Pa.-based Hayes Inc., a technology research and consulting firm, recommends you ask yourself the following 10 questions. Hayes evaluates medical technologies to determine clinical effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, safety and impact.

  1. Does this technology solve a serious and urgent problem your hospital is facing?
  2. Is this your only option?
  3. Is this new technology reasonably safe? Can you adopt it without incurring major risk for patients, providers and/or the hospital?
  4. Does the proposed technology replace, complement, or compete with technology already in place in your healthcare organization?
  5. Is this a priority area for your hospital?
  6. Is there any evidence that shows this technology improves patient outcomes?
  7. Is the lack of evidence likely to continue?
  8. Can you reasonably extrapolate from the evidence already available?
  9. Are you willing to generate your own evidence?
  10. Does your healthcare organization have a “clinical equipment replacement plan,” and how does the proposed technology acquisition relate to this plan?

Source: Hayes Inc., www.hayesinc.com

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