Excellent New Resource for Every Healthcare Leader

Imagine the short and long-term powerful positive impact of helping, coaching and successfully leading your direct reports, and other members of your team to improve in the following critically important areas:

  • Effectively think on their feet under pressure as they state opinions and answer questions
  • Cut through the clutter and communicate issues clearly in ways that engage others both intellectually and emotionally
  • Win others’ trust by identifying specific steps to demonstrate integrity and goodwill
  • Use body language to build rapport and connect with audiences, executive teams, staff, patients, and others they serve
  • Eliminate body language that undermines their credibility and sabotages their success
  • Use their voice and language to demonstrate competence and calm rather than incompetence and stress
  • Position themselves as thought leaders with a strategic perspective


A new, excellent, inexpensive resource is now available to support improvement in all of these critically important areas.  A new book, titled Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader is now available wherever best-selling books are sold.

My suggestion, after having read this new book, is to purchase a copy for each of your direct reports or even larger teams.  Then, on a weekly basis or whatever time frame is best for you and your organization, spend quality time discussing the most relevant concepts, suggestions and areas of improvement for members of your team, both individually and collectively.

Serious reading, study, discussion and focus, particularly as a committed, supportive team will produce excellent return on investment… for your organization… for your team… and for each individual member of your team, including you.  You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Serious reading, study, discussion and focus, particularly as a committed, supportive team will produce excellent short and long-term return on investment.  I guarantee it.  


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