Nielsen: When People Don’t Fit Your Culture

Great companies, including great healthcare organizations, go to great lengths to assure that only people who are willing, ready, eager and able to support and fit within the company culture are recruited and hired. Even with all that time and effort, mistakes are made and people are employed who ultimately do not support the values nor fit the company culture.

What happens next clearly demonstrates the true commitment to the desired culture of an organization. Great organizations and great leaders invite those people who do not and will not fit the organization’s culture to join the competition or find work elsewhere.

Garry Ridge, President of WD-40 Company, is said to have suggested the following:

“When People Don’t Fit Your Company’s Culture, Share Them With The Competition.”

The inevitable result of not taking immediate action, when people do not fit nor support your culture, is to demonstrate your lack of commitment to your desired culture. You are also inviting all kinds of significant problems and weaknesses down the road. By not taking immediate, decisive action, you are clearly demonstrating that the words used to describe your desired culture are nothing more than lip service. Credibility is lost!

Always remember, action speaks far louder than words!

Do you tolerate people who do not live up to your values and to your desired culture?  If so, your actions speak so loud that your words, whether written or spoken, are not believed and are basically worthless.  Far better and far wiser to proactively and firmly invite… yes even insist… that people who do not fit your culture go elsewhere… ASAP!

To keep these people within your organization will cost you dearly in many ways, including credibility, unity and cohesion within your organization and service excellence.  These people will hinder your ability to achieve your mission with an organization true to your values and desired culture.

The cost is far greater than you can afford to bear. Take action… action speaks far louder than words.

“When People Don’t Fit Your Company’s Culture, Share Them With The Competition.”

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