Ten People to Watch: Roger Weems

Roger Weems, senior vice president, performance management

Westchester Medical Center, Valhalla, N.Y.

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting: What has been the most challenging and rewarding project you have been involved in recently?

Roger Weems: The most challenging and rewarding project my team has been involved with has been our total supply chain transformation. We have effectively dismantled every aspect of the previous supply chain model and have been rebuilding it with a focus on people, process and technology.  We have hired people who don’t necessarily have a supply chain background. In addition, we have purchased and implemented cutting edge technology in a number of areas of the supply chain and re-engaged our physician leaders in the supply chain transformation process. We have decreased our overall annual supply spend by $10 million and are working on further reducing that number while additionally focusing on our inventory management/logistics areas. 

JHC: What is the biggest change we can expect to see in healthcare contracting in the next five years?

Weems: I hope to see an increase in transparency around pricing.  As healthcare reform takes shape, we should see a more cost-effective delivery model. In order to achieve that, I think healthcare providers, insurers, and suppliers will be pressured to be more transparent about their pricing and expected to have “skin in the game” as we try to reduce costs.

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