Are You Leading and Teaching Resilience?

All leaders who aspire to achieve greater personal, professional, and organizational success should be focused on leading and teaching resilience.


Resilience is what makes the difference between those who give up and those who press on and reach their goals. And that’s a very important thing. Just imagine the ramifications within your organization. Imagine what can be accomplished if each member of your organization demonstrates resilience in the face of difficulty. And imagine the flipside—imagine what would happen if the people who make up your organization had no resilience, and instead quickly gave up when the going got tough. Resilience is key.


In an article titled “The Single Most Essential Building Block of Success,” Andreas von der Heydt wrote the following:


According to my experience, the primary difference between winners and losers is how they handle setbacks and how they cope with losing. Without a doubt, even the strongest, most clever, and most competent ones among us stumble from time to time and do not succeed. Some of these challenges might be relatively minor. Others might be much larger in scale. The real skill, and as such the main building block of success, is getting back on track again after difficult experiences and losses, and not giving up. Instead bouncing back into the original, or even into a stronger position than before.”


Von der Heydt provides a listing of ten ways to become more resilient. This listing can be used very effectively to conduct ‘resilience discussions’ throughout your entire organization. Such discussions clearly convey expectations regarding organizational culture and performance.


    1. Understand that setbacks are part of life
    2. Be aware of yourself and the environment
    3. Believe and know that you are in control
    4. Become a solution thinker
    5. Believe in yourself
    6. Set goals and define manageable milestones
    7. Stay optimistic 
    8. Be brave and ask for help
    9. Take it easy
    10. Nurture yourself

I encourage you to purposefully and proactively lead and teach resilience. Resilience really is the key to reaching your personal, professional, and organizational goals. The results in your life and that of the organization you lead will be dramatic!

To read the full article by Andreas von der Heydt, please click here.



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