BD launches world’s first spectral cell sorter with high-speed cell imaging 

May 18, 2023 – BD announced the worldwide commercial launch of a new-to-world cell sorting instrument featuring two breakthrough technologies that enable researchers to uncover more detailed information about cells that was previously invisible in traditional flow cytometry experiments. 

With BD CellView™ Image Technology, researchers can see detailed microscopic images of individual cells and sort at high speeds based on visual characteristics to confirm insights in real time. With BD SpectralFX™ Technology, researchers can achieve full-spectrum cell sorting, coupled with expanded performance enabled by a new modular optical architecture and system-aware algorithms, to perform high-parameter experiments within a simplified workflow. The combination of these technologies in the BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter expands capabilities for researchers, introducing the potential to transform research and cell-based therapeutic development across numerous fields, including drug discovery, immuno-oncology and genomics. 

The BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter is the first BD instrument to feature BD SpectralFX™ Technology and BD CellView™ Image Technology, which was profiled last year on the cover of the journal Science.  

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