Being a hero to your OR team doesn’t have to come at a price


What does your surgical team want from a non-latex glove? They want softness, stretchiness, durability, comfort, sensitivity and ease of donning. Ansell’s non-latex PI (polyisoprene) gloves are all those things. And because they are made from polyisoprene, they eliminate the risk of Type 1 allergies and reduce the risk of skin sensitivities.

Now, in its commitment to delivering gloves with a low allergenic profile, Ansell has introduced a game-changing technology: PI-KARE™ Skin-friendly PI Technology, which reduces the risk of chemical (Type IV) allergies and sensitivities.

And there’s no upcharge.
Ever since the move from latex to synthetic gloves, chemical allergies have been on the rise due to some of the chemical accelerators used in the manufacturing of PI gloves. With PI-KARE Technology, the carbamates and mercaptobenzothiazoles known to cause Type IV allergies and sensitivities have been eliminated. Instead, PI-KARE Technology uses biologically safer chemical accelerators in the manufacturing process. They are either totally consumed or maintained within the glove and unlikely to come into contact with the wearer’s skin during use, greatly reducing the possibility of Type IV allergies and sensitivities.

But PI-KARE Technology goes beyond just allergy protection. Gloves made with this next-generation PI technology are also softer, stretchier, and more durable. These gloves even boast a proprietary donning aid technology that facilitates fast dry- and damp-hand donning, and helps minimize the feel of sweaty hands. Your surgical team will notice the difference. You will too. That’s because the improved performance advantages offer ways to avoid unnecessary costs. How?

  • Severe skin-related incidences may lead to workers comp claims and lost days at work. A U.S. report shows that the average cost per claim could be up to $3,552, with an average disability time of 23.9 lost work days for reported cases.1
  • How about improved tear resistance? Gloves made with PI-KARE Technology offer up to 40 percent improvement during rigorous donning tests. That means fewer gloves find their way to the trash.
  • Higher tensile retention means better material stability during storage. The gloves perform well even at the end of storage; no need to discard due to loss of quality.
  • Gloves made with PI-KARE Technology offer improved hydration and will perform better during wet usage minimizing the ballooning effect at the fingers. This means fewer gloves replaced during procedures.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging – compact pouches, dispensers and cartons/cases reduce waste for you to dispose.

Finally, a unique certification: one of the gloves made with PI-Kare Technology – GAMMEX® Non-Latex PI – has been tested and certified by United States Ergonomics (, making it the only ergonomically certified PI surgical glove in the market. The U.S. Ergo Certification is attributed to Ansell’s ERGOFORM™ Ergonomic Design Technology, unique PI formers, and soft PI formulations, helping reduce muscle strain and stress on hands, especially during long procedures.

So, here’s a chance to be a hero. Give your surgical team the comfort and strength of latex – and so much more – without the unpleasant side effects and allergic risks.

No need to mention your health system is saving money in the deal!

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