Is it Really Just a Bath Scale?

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Quality healthcare doesn’t end just because a patient is at home.

Due to recent changes in Medicare reimbursement of patient weight scales and an increased focus on at-home weight measurements, healthcare providers, IDNs and home health companies are seeking quality professional home care scales. Professional home care scales are needed for a variety of patients such as participants in physician monitored weight loss programs, patients with congestive heart failure or those with nutritional problems. Though these scales are intended for home use, patients still need a quality professional medical scale. Providers then require an educated sales representative to teach them about the importance of purchasing quality scales for their programs, which in some cases have thousands of participating patients – a huge earning opportunity for you. 

Inexpensive, retail-quality bathroom scales pose several potential problems for the user and in turn, pose problems for the provider of the scale. The simple, and usually poor design of these inexpensive scales is not suitable for use with the aging adult population or for home health use where precise and accurate weight measurements are critical.

Design elements such as the scale’s feet, placement of electronics, and size of the platform can affect both stability and accuracy. Feet that are small in diameter or height cannot adequately support or protect the scale. Accuracy is also affected with poorly designed feet and made worse if the scale’s electronics are placed below the bottom of the scale platform. The ideal professional home scale has large stable feet built into the scale with electronics located inside the platform. This design protects the scale from water damage and provides more accurate weight readings when used on carpet. In addition to well-designed feet, stability can be increased by the design of the scale’s platform. A wide platform allows patients to find a comfortable and secure stance to help maintain their balance. Platforms with a textured, non-slip surface can provide a stable foothold and traction.

Along with evaluating a scale’s design, healthcare providers need to consider the manufacturer of the scale. For optimum safety and accuracy, patients need a medical-grade professional home care scale from a manufacturer that specializes in healthcare products. Reputable medical scale suppliers are ISO 13485:2016 certified and manufacture their products in FDA-registered factories. ISO 13485 applies specifically to medical devices and assures the company operates under strict quality standards by means of a thorough quality management system. A medical scale manufacturer has the knowledge and expertise to design a product that withstands the conditions of the scale’s intended use and provides additional benefits to the user. Purchasing products from a reliable healthcare supplier can give the provider peace of mind when supplying the scales to their patients.

Whether the provider’s program needs 10 units or 10,000, Health o meter® Professional Scales provides the products and support that you and your customers need. Under the audited ISO management system, Health o meter® Professional home care scales undergo strict medical level quality testing at the company’s FDA-registered factories. The company also has the industry’s highest rated Customer Service with customer calls answered within 15 seconds, calls that you or your corporate headquarters do not have to field. And as the #1 Medical Scale brand in the U.S., Health o meter® Professional Scales understands how to design professional home care scales with the best features producing optimal functionality.

Talk to your accounts about their needs for professional home care scales and explain the importance of providing a quality, medical-grade scale for their patients. When choosing the right brand for their at-home patient scale programs, choose the brand that makes it weigh easier for you, the provider, and the patient, Health o meter® Professional Scales. 

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