Bob Simpson: Never Take Your People for Granted

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Bob Simpson: Never Take Your People for Granted


Why has Bob Simpson, president and CEO of LeeSar, based in Fort Myers, Florida, been so successful? Like many other highly successful leaders, Simpson has focused on and leveraged his most dominant strengths. He has weaknesses—just as we all do—but he chooses to focus on and leverage his strengths.


One of Simpson’s most dominant strengths is his sincere interest, enthusiasm, and deep appreciation for the people throughout his organization. Simpson lives out—on a minute, hourly, and daily basis—one of his key passions and principles for leadership success: “Never take your people for granted.”


In an hour-long, one-on-one, very uplifting interview, Simpson put it like this:


“I am totally blessed with more than 300 of the nicest working people in the city of Fort Myers who work for me. And I tell them that every single day. When I am in this building I walk it, I shake hands, I thank people. I know the job they’re doing. This work isn’t getting done by accident. I’ve got some very talented, caring people doing that.”


I am currently writing a book titled Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower. Bob Simpson is an inspirational leader! His success, for the most part, is directly linked to not just words, but to his consistent, daily, highly transparent action:  “Never take your people for granted.”


Take a look in the mirror. You are also blessed with great people. Are you engaging, inspiring, and empowering them? Do you openly and honestly thank and encourage the people you lead every single day? Do you walk your buildings, shake hands, and spread well-earned appreciation and praise every day?


Their work, your work, and your organization’s work is not getting done by accident every day. Like Bob Simpson, be an inspirational leader: engage, inspire, empower!


Without question, everyone wins!



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