Challenging Ourselves to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems

April 2023- The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

When asked what skills are most important to succeed today, William Brewer got right to the point for this issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

“Innovation,” said Brewer, enterprise vice president, supply chain management/GPO operations, Advocate Health. “Improvement requires innovation, which demands new ways of thinking, doing, and engaging across the value chain. If we are going to build a more resilient post-pandemic supply chain, we have to continually challenge ourselves, our teams, suppliers, and industry partners to think differently.”

I couldn’t agree more. The rate of change in our society and economy has gone from fast, to faster, to explosive. To solve today’s – and tomorrow’s – supply chain challenges, we’ll need new ways of thinking. And the only way for that to happen is to “get comfortable being uncomfortable,” as the leadership mantra goes.

Fortunately, I believe the U.S. healthcare supply chain is in good hands with who is helping to shape its future. For this issue’s cover story, we highlight several supply chain leaders who have a bright future ahead of them. How did they get into the field? How has their role expanded? What lessons have they learned in a pandemic and post-pandemic marketplace? We ask them all these questions and more.

Also in this issue, we examine why physicians are valuable partners in operating the supply chain, and how to get the most out of physician engagement. Plus, UC Health, a leader in emergency medicine, is expanding its emergency department footprint with a new facility. Supply chain played a key role in the facility’s development, and they shared with us their strategy for its planned opening in July, which is fast approaching.

Indeed, there’s no slowing down in today’s healthcare supply chain. We hope this issue gives you the tools and inspiration to drive innovation and solutions in your own team and organization.

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