Darrick Adams

Director, non-acute, supply chain, AdventHealth

Darrick Adams

The Journal of Healthcare Consulting: Why do you believe non-acute, alternate site locations are vital to not only a health system or IDN, but U.S. healthcare in general?

Darrick Adams: I believe that non-acute is vital to U.S. healthcare in general because of the access it has created for patients. Patients can schedule appointments, provide symptoms, and be called when it’s time to see the doctor. This makes healthcare easy and efficient, which should lead to better overall outcomes.

JHC: What are some keys to success for supply chain teams that may be unique to non-acute?

Adams: I believe the keys to success for supply chain teams are: There are several ways that supply chain teams can find success. By understanding the category of your shipment, you can do quick product turnaround with a low unit of measure. Additionally, understanding the people you work with on a daily basis is a great way to drive success. You can cultivate internal and external relationships with others in the industry to leverage for tools and best practices. We also leverage distributor partners to drive business. With partners, you both need to be equally invested to get the benefits.

JHC: How was your department affected by COVID-19? What type of disruptions did you see? How were you able to navigate?

Adams: Our department was affected adversely by COVID-19. We experienced a lot of the same disruptions you saw across the board in healthcare. Hoarding, supply shortages, and bad suppliers just to name a few. We were able to navigate those disruptions with several methods. First, we limited ordering access. By removing PPE from our formulary, we ensured that only medical group directors were able to place orders. We also sourced alternative suppliers, developing relationships with new suppliers to get access to additional PPE outside of our contracted sources. Then, we created a bad supplier list. We worked with peer health systems to create and refine a list of fraudulent suppliers to avoid in the future.

JHC: Has the perception/integration by executive leadership of alternate sites within a health system or IDN changed in the last few years? If so, could you explain?

Adams: I would say that it has been the same. We are fortunate because I feel our leadership has always been forward-thinking about this space. Non-acute figures prominently in our growth plans for the future.

JHC: What project or initiative are you looking forward to implementing now or in the near future?

Adams: The project that I’m looking forward to implementing is our Senior Care concept Well 65+. It launched in April and is off to a great start. I am looking forward to this being the next successful concept in our portfolio.

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