Driving Value Through Clinical Education

B. Braun’s Peripheral Advantage® Program optimizes clinical skills and product performance for improved outcomes.

Sponsored B. Braun – November 2022 – The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

B. Braun launched its Peripheral Advantage program in 2021, giving healthcare staffs the tools, training and insights needed to confidently deliver consistent PIVC (peripheral intravenous catheter) care and a better patient experience. The program is available to all hospitals nationwide.

PIVC restarts can subject patients to discomfort and greater risk of infection and other complications. Yet only 57% or less of nursing students receive any form of PIVC training.1 Peripheral Advantageis designed to optimize clinical skills and product performance for better clinical outcomes.

The comprehensive program combines clinical instruction, data-driven insights, and advanced tools to empower nurses to achieve first-stick success and help prevent many of the complications associated with peripheral IV therapy.

This value-added program is one way B. Braun, an infusion therapy and pain management leader, is providing value to its customers.

“We’re committed to helping our customers improve the overall patient experience,” said Brett Sarnoff, Vice President of Marketing, Medical Device & Pharma Systems with B. Braun. “We know providers are challenged to deliver optimal care, especially right now, without all of the resources they need. Our focus is getting them the resources, especially around convenience.”

B. Braun develops KPIs with its customers so it can be held accountable to deliver on outcomes.

“We’ve always focused on value propositions and supporting our customers,” Sarnoff added. “There are so many shortages in nursing and throughout hospitals today, and this program is about giving providers the right products and creating a differentiation for our products as well.”

After implementation of B. Braun’s Peripheral Advantage program, results may include hospital system improvements of clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

“The program combines best-in-class training and curriculum with innovative products and technology designed to help hospital staff deliver safe and consistent peripheral IV care,” said Aime Lenz, Group Product Director, Value-Added Programs with B. Braun. “The Peripheral Advantage Program, along with our collaboration with The Association of Vascular Access, creates an ecosystem for our customers to address peripheral IV education in the hospital setting and in healthcare schools.”

Lenz said B. Braun is concentrated on new advancements in virtual and online education to reach a broader audience.

“Healthcare providers want more options for online education and a better overall experience with it, so we’re continuing our strategic alliances and adding new research and innovation alliances as well,” she said. “Better IV education and technology addresses a critical gap across the healthcare continuum.”

For example, B. Braun’s vein visualization technology through its VeinViewer® product helps clinicians experience consistent first-stick success, helping to ensure the IV is placed correctly on the first try. This benefits patients at hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, infusion clinics and anywhere patients need routine care beyond the acute care setting.

The Peripheral Advantage program includes professional on-site clinical instruction with B. Braun’s PIVC clinical experts. Training is provided on a complete set of cutting edge tools like the Company’s STEADYCARE Extension Set Technology, which helps stabilize the catheter and maintain the insertion angle.

1 Glover KR, Stahl BR, Murray C, et al. A Simulation-Based Blended Curriculum for Short Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Insertion: An Industry-Practice Collaboration.
J Contin Educ Nurs. Sep 1 2017;48(9):397-406.doi:10.3928/00220124-20170816-05.

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