Enhancing Exam/Procedure Chairs: Innovations that Make a Difference

Sponsored- MTI: September 2023- The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

In the world of medical advancements, much attention is given to cutting-edge instruments and imaging technologies. However, it’s essential not to overlook the technology embedded within the very chairs or tables that hold patients during examinations and procedures. Patient comfort, sense of security, and various chair features all play a significant role in maneuverability, caregiver access, ergonomics, and overall practice safety, ultimately impacting patient outcomes. Recognizing this, MTI has emerged as a market leader, continually innovating exam and procedure room chairs to elevate the healthcare experience.

Over the past five years, MTI has introduced an impressive lineup of 11 next-generation chairs, solidifying its position as an industry leader. Their comprehensive range of fully-powered and programmable exam and procedure chairs are packed with features to assist specialists in achieving improved patient outcomes.

Understanding that each medical specialty focuses on specific areas of the anatomy and requires precise patient positioning, MTI has engaged specialists for over two decades, gathering valuable feedback and insights to shape their chair designs. By collaborating with ENTs, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, oral surgeons, podiatrists, and other specialists, MTI has crafted chairs that align seamlessly with their unique workflows. The result is a collection of chairs and cabinets that feature multiple accessories, offering a customizable workspace to meet individual requirements.

One common concern expressed by specialists is the need for better access to patients’ head, neck, and shoulder areas. In response, MTI has incorporated tapered back sections into their next-generation chairs, making them thinner and facilitating easier caregiver access. This sleek design ensures that caregivers can treat patients without any hindrances, minimizing bending, straining, or stretching during procedures.

The safety of both patients and caregivers is paramount, as it significantly impacts the success of a practice. Shockingly, healthcare-related injuries account for one out of every five workplace injuries reported in the United States, with healthcare workers being four times more likely to experience work-related injuries compared to construction workers. Recognizing this issue, MTI has invested considerable time and effort in engineering ADA compliant chairs with low entry heights, streamlining patient transfers, which can help reduce the risk of patient falls and caregiver back injuries. These safety measures can not only help mitigate liability concerns but also enhance patient satisfaction and employee retention.

In addition to addressing specialists’ specific requests, MTI has integrated reliable and modern innovations into their chairs. One such advancement is the integration of SmartTech™ technology, which harnesses the power of MTI’s Smart Controller™ and Smart Safety™ features. Through a centralized computer controller, this technology enhances safety, reduces energy consumption, provides smoother movement, and allows for additional memory options and personalized user preferences.

Exam and procedure chairs are more than mere tools; they are critical components that can directly impact patient outcomes in specialty care. When it comes to elevating the patient experience, facilitating caregiver workflows, and ensuring utmost safety, MTI’s commitment to innovation shines through. By combining advanced technology with design features tailored to specialists’ needs, MTI is revolutionizing specialized equipment for specialty healthcare.

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