February 2017

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  Contracting Professional of the Year
Supply chain is Alisha Hutchens’ window into excellent patient care

Publisher’s Letter

The Art of Persuasion
A reasoned argument convinces a ready audience.

The LIDN Group works because its members work together

The Business Review
Pre-planning and clear action items will move things along

Acting on Instinct
Solid preparation helped Orlando Regional Medical Center respond to the nation’s deadliest shooting. Supply chain played a key role.

Next Steps
Efforts continue to streamline the vendor credentialing process, ensure the accuracy of the data that providers demand, and reduce costs for all.

Untying the knots of capital equipment acquisition

HIDA Thought Leaders Examine Distribution’s Value

HSCA: Getting Priorities Straight


Why Being Helpful Isn’t Just for Nice Guys (and Gals)

Observation Deck:
Sick People are Expensive. What are we going to do about it?


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