Healthcare Leadership: Why Tell Stories?

Today’s article is the second in a series learning from the book by Paul Smith, Lead With A Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives that Captivate, Convince, and Inspire.


In chapter one, author Paul Smith does a great job of setting the stage and laying the foundation for the relevance of his book by addressing the key question, “Why tell stories?”


His simple answer is, “Because it works!”


Smith then lists 10 of the most compelling reasons storytelling works:


1.  Storytelling is simple

2.  Storytelling is timeless

3.  Stories are demographic-proof

4.  Stories are contagious

5.  Stories are easier to remember

6.  Stories inspire

7.  Stories appeal to all types of learners

8.  Stories fit better where most of the learning happens in the workplace

9.  Stories put the listener in a mental learning mode

10.  Telling stories shows respect for the audience


Think about it. How many other leadership tools can you list that have so many benefits? What other tools do you have in your leadership toolbox that are so simple, timeless, contagious, easy to remember, inspirational, appealing, respectful and consistently effective? If you are like me, your list of other leadership tools that are as consistently effective is very short indeed.


Study and apply the content from this chapter this week. Join us as we continue to study this excellent book over the next few weeks. The concepts within this book are important and relevant to every leader in the world! Buy a copy and join the journey.


And by the way, if you come up with even a short list of leadership tools or techniques that are consistently as effective as great storytelling is, as explained above, please share your list with me. I need and want to learn from you!



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