July 2021

If you thought your news feed has been inundated with cyberattack stories in the last few months to a year, you’re not wrong.

Ben Schwering, chief information security officer (CISO) for Premier Inc., says the United States has definitely seen an uptick in cyberattacks in an attempt to infiltrate or compromise healthcare organizations during the pandemic.

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Cyberattacks Threaten U.S. Hospitals – Premier’s chief information security officer identifies the organizations most at risk, and how best to safeguard against future attacks

Collaborative Diabetes Care – The AMGA’s Together 2 Goal® campaign has concluded after a five-year. What were the results?

The Geriatric ED – Specially outfitted EDs accommodate elderly patients, though expense is an issue

The Importance of Independent and Specialty Distributors Throughout the Pandemic

In the Name of the Patient – Differing views on ‘scope of practice’

Ambulatory Surgery Centers – COVID-19 has tested the resilience of ambulatory surgery centers,
but ASCs appear to be emerging stronger than ever.

Primary Care’s Challenge

Importance of Organizational Culture in Healthcare Settings

Health news and notes

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