Less is more with the PURELL® ES10 Touch-Free Dispenser

It’s the simplest, most sustainable touch-free dispensing system ever introduced by GOJO

Sponsored: GOJO Industries- May 2024 – The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

PURELL®, America’s No. 1 brand in hospitals, introduces the PURELL® ES10 Touch-Free Dispenser. The touch-free hand hygiene dispenser is exceptionally quiet when dispensing premium, high-quality foam in a consistent, efficacious dose. Plus, its slim design fits in tight spaces. 

Less is more

Less is more with the PURELL® ES10 Touch-Free Dispenser. Through its groundbreaking technology, it offers:

  • Less maintenance with easy-to-check product levels and no batteries to change
  • Less waste with 30% less plastic per refill and simplified recycling
  • More smart solutions to help customize hand hygiene plans through flexible data collection options
  • More ways to impress with consistent dispensing and modern finishes

The PURELL® ES10 Touch-Free Dispenser offers a quick and efficient solution in high-use healthcare spaces and less maintenance promotes health and safety.

Easy refills without changing batteries

Patented Energy-on-the-Refill technology allows users to never change or buy batteries and an AA battery included on every refill eliminates battery expense and inventory. Transparent refills take less time and labor than cabinets or small sight windows and help users check multiple dispensers at once. Refills are easy to match and drop into place, and a simple locking option helps prevent tampering.

Suite of technologies and services

Downtime and workflow disruptions are reduced through smart and simple management capabilities. For example, users can customize hand hygiene plans, save time and improve outcomes with the PURELL SMARTLINK Hand Hygiene System. This comprehensive set of tools also includes on-going clinical guidance, to help facilities make sense of the data throughout the life of your customers’ SMARTLINK service.

From the complimentary DISPENSER ADVISOR app that helps identify usage patterns in smaller facilities or more remote dispenser locations, to PURELL SMARTLINK Service Alerts, which provides real-time alerts 24/7 on refills and dispenser maintenance needs across a fleet of dispensers – only PURELL offers the right technology options to ensure product is ready whenever its needed.

Sustainable practices

The PURELL® ES10 Touch-Free Dispenser also reduces product waste and helps protect the earth. The refill bottle and plastic components are easy to recycle, and the collar and alkaline AA batteries are easy to pull apart. The dispenser’s Cradle to Cradle Certified™ soap and sanitizer formulas validate that safe ingredients are chosen and prioritize sustainable practices. There is 30% less plastic per refill and 38% lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Sleek, modern designs for healthcare facilities

The PURELL® ES10 Touch-Free Dispenser offers modern finishes, including graphite, white and chrome. It fits in tight spaces and is ADA compliant for wall protrusion. It is exceptionally quiet when dispensing the perfect amount of gentle foam, ensuring healthcare workers get an efficacious dose every time while soothing hands, even with frequent use. 

Whether its patient rooms, study halls or high-traffic areas, the PURELL® ES10 Touch-Free Dispenser fits in all critical spaces. Its lineup includes the PURELL® ES10 Floor Stand, PURELL® ES10 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and PURELL® ES10 Hand Soap Dispenser.

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