Lori Pilla, RN

Lori Pilla, RN
Vice President
Custom Contracting and Supply Chain Consulting Solutions

Nomination submitted by Julius Heil, president and CEO, Intalere.

As vice president of Custom Contracting and Supply Chain Consulting Solutions, Lori Pilla drives the development and implementation of solutions that offer proven strategies for reducing high-dollar supply chain inefficiencies, based on an approach that brings physicians, healthcare executives and materials managers together to reduce supply chain costs while improving patient care.

Pilla has achieved success directing contract design, materials management and business operations for several high-profile healthcare organizations, and is also an accomplished medical professional with over 25 years of clinical experience as a perioperative and neurology nurse.

Her depth and breadth of experience are truly unique, including executive clinical and administrative healthcare experience, and she brings an impressive balance of medical expertise and business savvy to the administration of Intalere’s supply chain solutions.

Regarding mentors and/or key events in her life, Lori Pilla says: “As an RN, I spent many years in direct patient care, including 20 in the operating room. About 14 years ago, a group of surgeons with whom I worked asked me to build out an ambulatory surgery center – one of the first in St. Louis. Though I hadn’t had any prior experience doing so, they were confident I could do it, because I understood not just the clinical side of healthcare, but the operational and business sides too. I was charged with taking the blueprints and working with the vendors and suppliers to complete the building – and that involved, construction, capital purchases, IT integration, procurement, sourcing, staffing, Medicare credentialing, AAAHC certification. I became truly exposed to what supply chain really is, and it led me to a new phase in my career.”

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