“What Supply Chain Needs to Know This Respiratory Season” podcast series

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting (JHC) proudly presents this two-part podcast series, What supply chain needs to know this respiratory season, sponsored by McKesson.

Episode 2: Four ways to formulate a systemwide, non-acute testing strategy

Respiratory season has always been tough for health systems. A typical season has clinicians diagnosing flu, strep, RSV, and pneumonia. This year, with the addition of COVID-19, having the right tests is key to rapidly getting an accurate diagnosis.

This episode focuses on labs and the four ways to help formulate a successful testing strategy across your health system’s non-acute settings.

Episode 1: How Supply Chain Can Help Clinicians Develop a Vaccine Strategy

This episode features strategies on how supply chain can help clinicians develop a vaccine strategy.

Respiratory season has always been tough. A typical respiratory season has clinicians seeing patients with flu, bronchitis, strep, RSV, and pneumonia. This year will be particularly challenging given the convergence of COVID-19, flu and seasonal respiratory illnesses.

Preventing respiratory illnesses through vaccination will be critical. But, given the fear around COVID-19, how do clinicians get patients to come in for their vaccinations? And for this audience in particular, how can supply chain support their health system in creating a holistic strategy around vaccination?

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