Publisher’s Letter

Learning from Each Other

John Pritchard

I have said going on 15 years that this is my favorite issue every year, and this installment of the Ten People to Watch in Healthcare Contracting does not disappoint. Some of these people I have known for a long time and others I met in the last year. I assure you they are all stars in our industry, and are all making an indelible mark on their health systems.

It’s great to hear so many of the Ten People mention how important it has been to learn from each other and other industries. Kreg Koford mentions Joe Walsh and Brent Johnson, two superstars in the Healthcare Supply Chain. John Horne believes we can learn from the likes of Wal-Mart and Amazon. In years past, our leaders may have been so wrought with survival that they couldn’t look up from their desks to see what other industries or organizations had something to teach them.

We asked for their advice on what to do to become a better Supply Chain Leader. Joe Colonna pleads with himself for patience. What a great plea to have and I can’t think of anyone in the U.S. Healthcare Supply Chain that couldn’t use some more patience. In fact, the last year or so I have really sensed lack of empathy between trade partners. Yes, the stakes are higher than ever, but keep in mind that people, clinicians, patients and families behind these people are counting on all the industry stakeholders to improve healthcare!

Shaun Clinton gives great advice as he shares a couple of phrases he wrote down that keep him on course. “Defer to expertise” is great advice and could be used by so many people trying to get that next item off their to-do list. Whether navigating clinical comparatives or learning about manufacturing organizations, bringing in expertise can add so much value to the situation. He also refers to the phrase “Make it easy to do the right thing.” If we could all be so lucky to work at a place where our leader works to make it easier for us to do things right!

We hope you enjoy this issue. I’d love to hear from you at

John Pritchard

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