The Million Dollar Question….How do Successful Medical Marketers Get the Attention of Distracted Buyers?

For the last few years, I have noticed medical companies shifting more accountability for revenue achievement to their marketing departments. The days of the revenue target being solely owned by the sales departments are long gone. By no means does this diminish the importance of salespeople and sales leaders, but marketers are no longer perfunctory planners and feel-good communicators. Marketing in 2017 and beyond has to deliver proven results.

Last week we hosted the first Strategic Marketing Summit in Atlanta, Ga., and I had a front row seat to some pretty exciting and innovative marketing initiatives in other industries, on main street and all over the digital frontier. Through the Summit, we explored these progressive initiatives and brought new tactics to medical suppliers.

It was fascinating to see how best-in-class brands are reaching their prospects and building audiences to grow their business. For Boomers and Gen Xers (like me) it may be new territory seeing how brands attract today’s prospects. If you watched the Super Bowl this year maybe you noticed brands inserting social causes into their commercials. Commercials such as;

  • Stella Artois advocating for clean water for developing countries
  • Audi supporting equal pay for women
  • 84 Lumber standing up for fairness in immigration

The trend shows no signs of slowing down. Have you seen the latest Delta commercial? Not a mention of safety, timeliness, or convenience — it’s all about what a good corporate citizen Delta is and how they give $40 million to charities each year.

We had a lot of great speakers at the Summit. Paul Szablowski SVP, Brand Experience from Texas Health Resources gave a presentation that really hit home for the medical marketing executives in the audience. I’d like to share a few of his comments and facts he shared;

Amazon will provide healthcare one day. Think of Amazon Primarycare.

Private label products comprise $120 billion in annual revenue.

Brands need to stop selling and make it so people want to buy.

Pretty stark realities for a large IDN desperately needing to differentiate itself from competitors in an era where brand is being marginalized. It sure sounds like what we are seeing with GPOs, big IDNs, Amazon and direct sourcing. Medical brands need to stand up and fight like never before … and compelling and timely content is your weapon of choice!

Medical product marketers can really prosper from understanding this new environment where you draw customers to you with content your prospect wants, not what you want to tell them. Said another way, you must attract customers, because amplification no longer works!

This is how we help best in class Suppliers in the Healthcare Supply Chain. We provide and distribute content that their targets want! I’d love to share specific examples of how we can help you.

If you you’d like more information about what else was covered at the Strategic Marketing Summit drop me a note or give me a call! I’d love to tell you more.


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John Pritchard
John Pritchard is the publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

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