Régine Honoré Villain

Régine Honoré Villain
Vice President, Supply Chain Operations
NYU Langone Health 

Nomination submitted by Tom Derrick, senior vice president, OpenMarkets, Chicago.

When I think of leaders, I think of those who motivate others to do better. Regine fits this mold. She inspires not only her team, but all the partners who work with her. Her authority comes not from her title, but from her actions, her strategic insights, her gratitude and gravitas. Those fortunate enough to know Regine not only want to work with her, but to emulate her.

Regarding mentors and/or key events in her life, Régine Honoré Villain says: “As a little girl, growing up in Haiti, the idea of taking care of people always fascinated me and I wanted to be a pediatrician. Unfortunately because of the instability of the political climate at the time, I left Haiti and ultimately pursued a degree in engineering from the University of Florida. I was working as a project engineer for a large manufacturing firm when a colleague from the University of Florida called to inform me that a prestigious academic medical center in New York was looking to hire someone with a background in engineering to lead what they were calling ‘Project Purchasing.’ On that call, I had a sudden moment of clarity where I realized that I could still make an impact in patients’ lives by combining my dedication for taking care of people with my engineering skills, of which I was very proud. It became clear that, every day, I would still be able to channel my passion to connect to the purpose of our patient experience even if not as a physician, but as an equally valuable care team member. The humbling ability to directly make a difference in the care continuum fuels my leadership and message to my team.”



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