Teresa Dail, RN BSN, CMRP

Teresa Dail, RN BSN, CMRP
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nashville, Tennessee

Nomination submitted by the following from Vanderbilt University Medical Center: Dena McCormick, RN, BSN, administrative director, supply chain; Yolanda Redmond, administrative director, supply chain, systems & disbursements; Karen Morlan, CMRP, administrative director, supply chain, logistics & operations; and Liz Guastella, director, sourcing.

Teresa Dail oversees VUMC’s $1B+ supply chain, including sourcing, logistics, purchasing, systems and disbursements, whereby her daily challenge consists of optimizing best practices across the continuum. She is a mentor/national speaker on numerous healthcare topics and most recently was named as the AHRMM Board Chair-Elect for 2018. She is passionate about improving supply chain operations and optimizing the use of data/clinical outcomes to help drive product standardization/utilization to reduce the total cost of care. She oversaw the creation of VUMC’s value analysis process, which is a model for the industry today. Her goal is for supply chain to become fully aligned clinically to ensure optimum quality of care at the most effective cost. In 2014, Teresa established the Vanderbilt Supply Chain Collaborative and Supply Chain Consulting, which aligns synergies including volume aggregation, new service model creation and sharing of ideas/education with 40+ hospitals and multiple non-acute care facilities nationwide.

Regarding mentors and/or key events in her life, Teresa Dail says: “It’s not a single person, but rather, people, who have been the key influencers in my life, both in my nursing career and my supply chain career. I have been fortunate to have leaders who saw something in me and gave me a chance to explore new territory and develop into a new role. That experience has allowed me to be a risk-taker and to encourage our team to collaborate and think outside the box.”

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  1. Teresa is truly an exemplar leader! She is a savvy change agent who is never fearful to take that calculated risk to improve not only the supply chain but to also improve the work lives of those who are touched by the supply chain. Vanderbilt is extremely fortunate that they have Teresa leading the way toward excellence in this chaotic healthcare environment!!

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