Healthcare Leadership: Just say what ‘we’ will do

“Let’s eliminate all the ‘I’s.  Just say what ‘we’ will do.”

“Shorten sentences and words.”

This excellent advice came from one of the most admired and respected American leaders of the past half century, maybe the entire century.  A man who inspired his colleagues and fellow citizens.  A man who communicated with style, eloquence and great effectiveness.

That man was President John F. Kennedy.  Regardless of your political beliefs and perspectives, history has proven that without question, President Kennedy inspired his colleagues and fellow citizens.  He was an excellent, persuasive, very effective communicator.

“Let’s eliminate all the ‘I’s.  Just say what ‘we‘ will do.” 

“Shorten sentences and words.”

President-elect Kennedy gave those instructions to his chief speech writer, Ted Sorensen, when they were drafting President Kennedy’s inaugural address.  That speech is considered by many to be one of the better inaugural addresses in American history.

Excellent advice for every leader, including you, me and all healthcare leaders. 

It’s not about you or me.  It’s about we!  It’s not about how smart you are or your excellent vocabulary.  It’s about audience comprehension and results!

President Kennedy’s speeches were short, to the point and delivered with style and eloquence. 

What about your communications, regardless of media or circumstance?  Are your communications short, to the point, inspiring and delivered with style and eloquence?  Is the focus of your communications riveted on maximum comprehension and results?

With all due respect, you are not the person to answer these questions.  Only your colleagues, your team, your employees, and the audiences with which you communicate can truly answer these important questions.

So ask them, learn from them, and become a more effective communicator and leader!

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