December 2010 Issue

Publisher’s Letter

Teachable Moments
Amerinet’s second annual national meeting focuses on information-sharing

Extreme Makeover
Better care at lower cost? It’s no pipe dream says Robert Nesse, MD, CEO of Mayo Health System. It’s already happening

Northeast Regional Contracting Coalition
New player gets down to business

Product Evaluation GPS
New service helps hospitals and vendors track product evaluations as they make their way through the system. Vendors have to pay ‘nominal fee,’ but developer says the ROI makes it worthwhile

Technology Assessment: Closer Examination
Given today’s economy and political climate, it’s no surprise that health technology assessments rests heavily on clinical and financial data.

Vendor Credentialing: The Unfinished Book
Niagra Falls summit a ‘decent first attempt’ to get buyers and sellers on the same page

Viral Attitude
Your customers might tolerate a business failure on your part. But an attitude failure? Forget it.

HIGPA column

View from Washington

Contracting News

Observation Deck

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