June 2016


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  Zero Tolerance
Infection preventionists are tireless crusaders for infection-free facilities

Publisher’s Letter

Open Data Standards: Let’s Get This Straight

Smart Moves
They started with buying power in mind, but today’s successful RPCs are mining opportunities for supply chain and clinical improvement.

Life Support
Self-distribution initiative binds supply chain with Trinity Health’s larger goal-improving the delivery of cost-effective, people-centered care.

Aligning Objectives
B. Braun and St. Luke’s broke the transactional model to create a bond between supplier and healthcare provider

Medical Devices and Bacterial Cross-Contamination
Medical device manufacturers do their part to protect their customers

PDI Addresses Surgical Site Infections
Expensive to treat and hazardous to patients, surgical site infections must be prevented

Is the Customer Always Right?
You’ll never know unless you listen to them

Strategies for Creating Strong
Physician Engagement

Agents of Change
The University of Vermont approaches its own faculty for ways to eliminate low-value practices

HSCA: GPOs help state-run
facilities fulfill their mission58 Connections Made at Vizient Summit

Prime Vendor: HIDA Thought Leaders on Building a Better Supply Chain
It all comes down to collaboration

Observation Deck:
Money for Nothing? Cigna Says ‘No’

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