Queen’s Medical Center announces $1B campus modernization project

December 1, 2021 – Queen’s Medical Center (Hawaii) announced plans for a $1 billion, 15-year campus modernization project.

The $85 million project will more than double the amount of bays in the ED at Queen’s Medical Center from 27 to 57. The first part of the modernization will begin in the next 18 months and will expand the hospital’s emergency department.

“We’re doing that first because it is the front door of the hospital and it’s the busiest emergency department in the state,” said Jason Chang, COO of Queen’s Health Systems and president of Queen’s Medical Center. “We have outgrown the space.”

In addition to the ED expansion, Queen’s Medical Center will transition to all private patient rooms, add ICU beds, build 10 new ORs and expand the facility’s specialty services.

When the project is complete, Queen’s Medical Center will demolish seven aging buildings but grow from 575 licensed beds to 730, according to Chang.

The hospital modernization project still needs approval from state regulators.